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Chicken Dish is one of the big men food that are normally cooked and served at the restaurant, hotels or in any big bars around. this Dish is also prepared in various family but normally found in restaurants. We are always here to direct you, so you too van easily learn how to cook and serve this meal with applying any external assistants from anywhere. Below is all the guidelines needed for you to be an expert in preparing this meal.


  1. ONE Chicken.
  2. onion.
  3. salt.
  4. one cup  of rice.

Get one chicken kill and remove the feather and open it from the tail. Remove the intestine and gall bladder, wash very well and boil with salt and onions. Then get the rice and boill to be half done/half cooked. Now mix the rice with some quantity of stew and stuff it through the tail end.

 Then place the chicken food into the remains of the prepared stew and then boil properly. After it is properly cooked, get it out, put it in a tray  and set in the oven until it turns to brown color. Allow it to cool then its now ready to serve.


  1. Guy you correct i like your style. But i have one question what about us without gas cooker or owen to make brown wetin we go do or how we go do am


  2. it is not must that you will make it brown, just that it will make it to look professional, moreover you can eat or serve it like that as far as it is well cooked and prepared. thanks for your questions