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Bar soap are produced in big companies, but it a challenge to you all that it now possible for you to produce bar soap even right inside your toilet, lolz. Now lets make out the procedures.

  1. Caustic soda (1kg)
  2. Palm oil (1bottle)
  3. Caustic silcate (3table spoon full)
  4. water (1lucozade)
  5. Coloure and perfume.

STEP 1: measure 1kg of caustic soda and dissolve with lucozadee bottle of water and soak for 24hours. Bleach the palm oil.

STEP 2: Measure 3 cups of the bleached Luke warm oil into an empty plastic bowel, now take a small quantity of the bleached palm oil and mix the colour.
NB: When the gas dissolves then the oil turn into bowl containing the oil measure and stir, add 1cup of caustic soda Solution put 3table spoonful of light ash stir and put perfume to give it a nice odour. Finally put into a mould and allow for some hours to set for cutting, when dried you can cut them  at your preffered choice.

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