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Here we are with another great post which can change 85% life of many people to today, Meat pie is one of the biggest snacks we have today. Many people make their money from buying and selling it, you too can start up with a business like this. It is better to learn how to do so manythings like this than to stay in your house being jobless every day as time goes on. So we are going to teach and direct you all on how you can bake things like Meat pie,cake , buns , egg roll etc. first of all lets start with this particular post on HOW TO BAKE MEAT PIE right inside your house.


1.       Flour (2kg)
2.       Butter (1kg)
3.       Eggs
4.       Preservatives
5.       Flavours (2table spoonful)
6.       Meat (grounded)
7.       Onions (1 ball)
8.       Maggi- (2 cubes)
9.       Potatoes (about 12balls)
1.   Carrot (3tubers)
1.   Curry (apinch)
1.   Salt (to tastes).
Now let see and learn how to bake this meat pie.


Peel potato and carrot, wash thoroughly and chop or slice into small bits. Wash the meat. Add the curry, maggi, salt and the onions into the meat.  Boil the meat for about 5 to 10mins then add the flavor and the preservative. Add the carrots, the potatoes, onions maggis and boil for about 10mins. Add the butter to the flavour and also you can add the baking powder. Mix them together and add a little quantity of water to form a dough.
  Now put the dough on a flat table wetting the surface of the table with dry flour to avoid being sticky. Spread the dough or pastry out on the table with a bottle. Put bits of the milk already cooked on the surface of the spread out dough.
 Then, cut to size required. Therefore fold over. Break two eggs in a bowl. Remember to Paint or brush the surface of the pie to give it most texture or brownish colour after baking.

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