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Pop corn is  Normally known as Hungry man food. Is also one of the best business now in moto-parks including Gala selling in Nigeria. people like hawkers, barrow-pushers do take Pop-corn to sustain there stomach. Meanwhile almost every body knows what pop-corn is and might have tasted it, To prepare pop-corn is not too hard to learn, every body can easily do it, so this is a great opportunity to learn it.

  1. Dry yellow corn.
  2. groundnut oil.
  3. tea spoon.
  4. pinch of salt.
 Get a dry yellow corn, make sure you pile them out. place them in a gas cooking pot. Add sugar to your taste and make sure that it absorbs the sugar very well, now pure in the groundnut oil and add a little salt in it to rime with the sugar and heat for about 5 to 15mins till the corn start popping. What are you still reading.... its ready!!!

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