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Cornmeal Bread is one of the best and important snacks in Nigeria, this snacks normally looks like bread cake and also very sweet like cake, it is very simple to make. cornmeal bread can be baked in oven, also can be fried using frying pan , oil and gas cooker, cornmeal bread neutralize carbohydrate and protein in the body which is the most important food nutrition we have.

 To prepare cornmeal bread you need to provide all the listed items below before you can start the preparation. Now i am going to list all the ingredients needed before we start the procedures.

  1. 1 and half cup of cornmeal
  2. 1 small sachet of powdered milk
  3. egg
  4. salt (to you taste)
  5. sugar (to your taste)
 Dissolve the milk with hot water , then sprinkle the corn-meal into the hot milk, allow it to get cool, for about 5mins you will observe it will congile and thicker. Add the egg +salt +sugar and stir. Then turn the mixture into a greesed baking dish and bake in oven for about thirty minutes, then you can now serve.

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