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 Children require more body-building foods then adults, for the daily upkeep and growth of their bodies e.g eggs, fish, meat, beans, peas are valuable too. infants and young children Young children can eat only small amounts at each meal, therefore the food value must be high.

The protective foods are important, e.g fruit, vegetables and milk. Fruit juice should be giving daily, e.g orange, tomato juice. Cod-liver oil, and palm oil containing vitamins A and D should also be given. Milk is a very important food and should be served in as many different ways as possible; it should be supplemented with Vitamin A, C and D and with iron if it is the main food for very young children. Carbohydrates and fats are required to give energy. Young children should be giving good, nourishing , and easily digested foods.


 School children are growing fast, therefore they have a great need for protein, calcium, vitamins A, C, and D. They are very active and therefore have a greater need for calories than adults. They have large appetites. The size of the stomach is small, but the nutrient needs are large, therefore foods should not be too bulky. Milk is an important source of protein and calcium, meat, eggs, frruits green vegetables are important. 

Cereals and their products are excellent source of calories. Adolescents adolescent have nutritional needs that are higher in many ways than those of other group of people. They have large appetites which should be satisfied with food of high nutritional value.They should eat raw fuit and fresh gh nutritional value. they need a good suppy of protein and also fat. They should eat raw fruit and vegetable daily. 

Meals for adults Pregnant and lactating woman 

A pregnant or nursing mother need a good mixed diet to provide for the healthy development of her infant a lot of protein -milk ,eggs ,cheese,meat ,fish -is necessary , also a good supply of vitamins and vegetable.Iron is particularly important -liver is one good soursce also lentils ,haricot-beans sardines ,dried fish,dried egg, soya flour. Manual Workers Manual lab our requires energy ,so carbohydrates and fats are important in the diet of people doing manual work.extra vitamin B is needed to assist the digestion of the carbohydrates ,and salt ,water ,and vitamin C is needed in extra quantities. Overweight adults. 

 The balance of carbohydrates and fats intake to energy output can be a delicate one. Generally people who are overweight eat too much carbohydrate and fat cereals, root vegetables, pastries, fats, and fried food. If the diet is altered to include more protein, green vegetables, and a modest amount of dairy foods, weight is usually slowly lost. provided remains balance, and fats and carbohydrates are avoided, a healthy average weight can be mentained. underweight Adults often people who are underweight are not getting enough fatty and carbohydrates foods.underweight people generally need to eat more fats and carbohydrates while maintaining a balanced diet of proteins,vitamin,and minerals. packed meal A pack meal should be just as well -balanced as an ordinary must contain energy food protein food, some fats and starch.Avacado pear has a high energy and fat, vitamin, and energy value. the food shoul be easy to eat with the fingers. Food which cause thirst should avoided. Plenty of water and fresh juicy fruit should be provided. 

 Packing the meal

 . 1: Wrap sandwiches, cakes, pastries etc. in cellophone or wax wrapper and put in plastic food packs.

 2: put food packs in a basket or any other container with a lid. 

 3: Put drinks in well corked bottles.

 4: Carry soups and beverages in vacuum flasks. Thses may either be iced or hot according to the season. 

5: Milk should be open only when required. Avoid adding to beverage in flask. 

 6: fresh fruit and vegetable such as lettuce should be washed, dried and packed in cellophone bags.

7: paper napkins, lightweight unbreak cups, plates, spoons, and knives should be packed neatly in the basket or food box.

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