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Profile of Rev. Rev. Msgr.Prof. John Bosco Akam

About The Legend Johnbosco Akam | Johnbosco Akam
Rev. Rev. Msgr.Prof. John Bosco Akam is a man of irrepressible talents who has made invaluable contributions to human history; a quintessential educator, philanthropist, philosopher, theologian and industrialist; a strong and reliable think-tank that has leveraged the collective intelligence of forward-thinking educators, literacy leaders, developers of technology and authors of this new age. He is a distinguished Philosophy Professor, and a Catholic Priest. 
He is an intellectual mentor and acolossus to those who know Prof. Msgr. Akam, but come from a humble cradle.
Born on the 15th, John Bosco Uchechukwu Ndubeze Nwachinaemere Ugiriejiemeaku 
The late Mazi Pius Ogbuagu and Monica Ugodiya Akam of Oka Village, Uga in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State were born on 15th August 1947.

From 1956-1963, he had his nursery and elementary education at St. Vincent 's School, Uga.
He began his journey to the priesthood in All Hallows Seminary Onitsha on 20 January 1964.
There John Bosco showed himself to be a young boy with many gifts of uncommon intelligence.
He was promoted from Class Three to Class Five always taking first place in class.
He sat for London G.C.E and came out in the Senior Seminary with 6 alphas and 2 grades.
In the same Bigard Memorial Seminary in Enugu, as he finished his theological studies, he was moved straight to Theology.
In 1976 he finished his theological studies with an average of 98.87 percent with a First Class Honours.
His Grace, Most Religious. Dr. Francis Arinze, now His Eminence Francis Cardinal Arinze (rtrd) ordained a priest to John Bosco at Immaculate Heart Church in Uga on 24 April 1976. Less than a few days after his ordination to the priesthood, he was posted to Nnokwa Parish as the Parish Priest of Nnokwa Parish and then consisted of three major towns: Nnokwa, Alor and Awka-Etiti.
Mons. Akam was later appointed as Vicar of the Parish at Akpu Parish.
He was sent back to his Alma Mater seven months later, in 1977(All Hallows Seminary Onitsha) as teacher and Spiritual Director.
 While in the Seminary, he taught Music, French, English, and Latin Language as well as Mathematics. 
That year the Theological college made perhaps the best outcome in English Language. He set up Music Office in All Honors Theological school in 1977. 

This office has had the option to prepare the vast majority of the common theological colleges with Organists and Music Chiefs. 

Prof Msgr Akam has built up a recognized record in the field of instruction. In July 1980, he left Nigeria for College of Louvain, Belgium. 
He was the principal cleric of Onitsha Archdiocese and the fourth Nigerian minister that concentrated in the College of Louvain Belgium. 
While contemplating, Fr. John Bosco was delegated a Profound Overseer of St. Paul's Theological school Louvain-la-Neuve. 

He had additionally a few peaceful commitment in Louvain-la-Neuve some of which were: "Vicaire Dominical" to Braine-le-Estate Area in the Archdioceses of Brussels, Group minister for 600 Couples of Marriage Experience (Brabant Wallon), Pastor to Marist Siblings Retirement home close Louvain-la-Neuve, "Aushilfepriester" in Buchbach (Bamberg-Germany), Waldenestein, Nieder-Osterreich. 
After around five and half years, Fr. John Bosco finished up his investigations in Louvain-la-Neuve with six unique Degrees remembering Doctorate Qualification for theory. He has the accompanying degrees: Plunge. Phil., B. Phil, B.D., M.Phil., M.A., M.M.R.Sc., Plunge. Econ/Dvlpt., Ph.D. 
Back home in 1986, he was presented on address at the then Bigard Commemoration Theological school Ikot Ekpene now St Joseph Significant Theological college. 
While he was addressing, he was likewise the arbitrator of the Nigerian TV Authority (NTA) Channel 6 Aba week after week philosophical program called "Reflections". 
In 1989, the Clerics of the then Onitsha Ministerial Region ordered Prof. Msgr. Akam to re-open philosophical workforce in Bigard Remembrance Theological school Enugu. He was later delegated the Senior member of the personnel. 

During the period, he was likewise a meeting teacher at Nnamdi Azikiwe College (NAU), Awka, where he addressed on Reasoning of Science, Rationale and Clear Idea. 

Very. Fire up. Msgr. Prof. John Bosco AkamThe works and scholarly ability of this extraordinary godly man won numerous admirers particularly among his understudies and partners. Little marvel at that point, that in August 1992, he was chosen the Minister of his incredible Place of graduation – Bigard Commemoration Theological college Enugu, an arrangement that depicted the philanthropic appeal of Prof Msgr. Akam and put him in the chronicles of history. He exhibited in no little measure his anxiety and care for the church, his easing of enduring arrangement, and his generosity for the administration of God and humankind. 

He built St. Mary's Dad's Home Bigard, one of the most strong and all around arranged structures in Bigard, Enugu. Because of his foresightedness and proactive inventiveness, he developed a fuel dump for the theological school directly inside the theological school. He tarred every single significant street in the theological school. He works of confidence and salvation at Bigard Commemoration Theological school Enugu are beyond any reasonable amount to make reference to. 

In January 1995, this ardent Missionary was called into the Ecclesiastical Chamberlain. 
He was raised to the position of Very Fire up. Monsignor. In February 1996, the jewel finished his residency of office as a "Minister Magnificus" of Bigard Dedication Theological college Enugu. 
In April 1996, this extraordinary achiever stayed in Awka Bishopric and was named Training Secretary of the Ward. After around two and half long stretches of administration to God and humankind in Awka Ward, Msgr. Prof. Akam returned to Onitsha Archdiocese. 

In September 1999, he was named the Ward Minister of St. Augustine's Area Amafor Nkpor - Agu. He held this arrangement up to fifteenth of January 2001. As of now on the seventh of November, His Effortlessness, Most Fire up. Dr. Albert K. Obiefuna allowed Msgr. Akam the consent to establish an open Affiliation that will think about the Older as well as Incapacitated Pastorate, Strict and the common people. 
The Open Affiliation is presently called: Minister Children of Favored Tansi (MST) and is comprised of more than 90 individuals at various phases of arrangement and calling. 

Prof. Msgr. Akam has practiced unique obligations in giving authority and cultivating greatness in research, educating, proficient exercises and strategy advancement in the scholastic order. 

He is a man whose academic achievements and commitments to the ivory pinnacle and instruction by and large are of exceptional hugeness noticeably overpowering; a man who has contacted numerous carries on with; a man who has enabled more than 1,786 indigents through honor of free training from nursery, essential, optional and College. 

He is the Organizer, Chancellor and Administrator of Leading group of Trustees of Tansian College, Umunya, Anambra State – Nigeria; Author of the celebrated Konigin Des Friedens School (KFC) Enugu, which has stayed a "Primus Bury pares", the Originator Our Woman Waldenstein Instructive Center, Uga (lodging Nursery, Essential and Konigin Des Friedens School, Uga). 
Dr. Diminish Okey Ejikeme's form of Msgr. Prof. John Bosco Akam 
A story was recounted the visually impaired men who contacted the elephant. 

At the point when they were approached to portray the elephant, every one of them depicted the elephant from the part he contacted. there is additionally an idiom in Igbo land that he who climes the iroko tree should gather however much kindling as could be expected for iroko tree isn't climbed consistently. I should state that I am profoundly advantaged to have related with the Everlasting Fortune existing presently of progress and alterability. 

I am profoundly advantaged to connect with a man of uncommon knowledge, a speaker, a religious structure, a guide, a donor of the primary request and a language specialist – Very Fire up. Msgr. Prof. John Bosco Nwachinemere Ndubueze Uchechukwu Ugiri-eji-emeaku Akam. 

I should state that God conceded me the benefit of contacting a section, however parts of this incredible "elephant". On this equivalent benefit I was permitted to climb this extraordinary and uncommon ecclesiasitical iroko. Presently tune in: 

With respect to you, how lucky you are! Your eyes see and your ears hear. 

I guarantee you that numerous prophets and a considerable lot of God's kin needed particularly to perceive what you see, yet they proved unable, and to hear what you hear, however they didn't (Matt. 13:16-17) 

Msgr. John Bosco Uche Akam is the incredible man within recent memory, he is father to numerous and he has offered help to greater part of individuals in various limits and in various circles of life. Msgr. J.B. Akam is an academician of the further extent. He is an etymologist with capability in excess of six global dialects. A more prominent educator of confidence and ethics. An extraordinary coach to young people in the third thousand years. A cultivated organist and writer of ceremonial psalms. 
Msgr. John Bosco Uche Akam is likewise a survivor of jealousy and desire. An object of calumniation. 

An exceptionally misconstrued character. These likewise made him to take care of business of huge heart and a logical leaning man. In short he is a religious indestructible dynamo.


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