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The Blind Twins: LOVE & HATE By MSGR. PROF. J. B. AKAM

 The Blind Twins: LOVE & HATE


I had an opportunity to congratulate a couple who had just begotten a boy child. Since holding each twin in my arms and giving one to the mother and the father, I looked at the faces of both and to my utter amazement, I could not differentiate one from the other. They have been identical twins! The two noses were "pointed" at the same angle, the eyes were blue, both thick lipped, the fingers were the same; the cheeks protruded in the same manner; the twins were exactly the same in height and size. I asked the mother how much every twin weighed. She replied: "one and a half kilograms"

Then I posed to the mother the big question, "How do you distinguish them? "She rolled up the sleeves of both sweaters. And one of them had a tiny red ribbon at the left wrist. And the mother said, "Peter is this and Paul is the other." And I told her, "What first son is that? "She replied: 'Doctor said it was Peter who came out first! "So without the Doctor's (Gynaecologist's) testimony, no one could say with certainty who was the first son. I pit the parents further: "If someone carry away the twins and cut the red ribbon around Peter's left wrist, how can you still remember which one? The parents answered all at once: "No way." I exclaimed: "Twins, different when they are similar! ”. The above gives us the impression that twins are indistinguishable / identical because they are.

Yet we do have NOT identical twins! The same mother born them, the same year, the same month, the same day, the same hour and nearly the same minutes. They may have some similarities like skin color-black ... but one might be bigger than the other! Another may be masculine, the other feminine. Someone may be really smart and the other may not be as smart. Another may be as heavy as a lion, the other as weak as a lamb. Another is an introvert and the other is extrovert.

Another running as fast as a "antelope" and one running as sluggish as a snail. Another may be circumspect and perspicacious, whereas the other may be melancholic, still in his / her doldrums, ruminating just how terrible this world is.

No one should be at sea, trying to decorate this book's title: The Blind Twins: LOVE AND HATE. The two are considered as un-identical twins in a translated sense. I treated them as the two powers in Chapter One: positive force and negative force! Positive force synchronizes wit love while negative force has hate rhymes. The following line charts the understanding horizon, concerning this work:

“It is a BLIND LOVE that sees no chance of imperfections, a BLIND LOVE that finds something and anything who is accused of not in favor of his self interest as abominable and creates a BLIND HATE that does not have limits or find any value that is worth appreciation”.

Blind love (excessive self love) degenerates into blind hatred and vice versa. In fact, in excessive self-love (hate), one treats a person of dislike with utmost dejection as if there is no, and there will never be, anything good that can come out of him or her, either for his benefit or for another person's benefit, either now or later.

That is totally wrong and unacceptable in the web of human relationship, without being judgmental. "We are not allowed to hate anyone to the extent where we no longer see something good about the person, just as we should not love someone to the extent where even the person's bad features are faultless." The hater is blind to the hated's good qualities, while the lover is blind to the beloved's bad qualities.

With my investigations into love and hate I could not carry on without first delving into different concepts of love and hate. I could not prevent myself from approaching "God is love" in Chapter Three!

In Chapter Four, I gave the blind twin hate, some influential care. This reads better than published. Everything I know is that "if you look at yourself from who and what you are, and believe that the ideal can only be you and no other, then you can not exist in the entire world , specifically because you will become the only undesirable exception." Suffice it to say that through coercion, false accusation, injustice, someone who is an instigator of hate towards another person is a tool of hate. And a hate vehicle is a "demonophane"

The Blind Twins have friends-jealously and jealousy-and also have a way to escape Sycophancy. Where sycophancy blossoms the blind twins flourish. Those in high-ranking offices have to keep up with Truman who said: "I want those around me to tell me the truth, to tell me the truth as they see it. If you have people around you on the pedestal, who tell you everything you do is right, you can't operate and manage affectively, because in practice that can't be possible.

I have been engaged for years in a deep study of Mother Earth in which I spent the sixty-four and a half years I served as a Catholic Priest for thirty-six years I have been watching and watching the happenings in and around me and my neighbourhood. I have connected with a lot of people of different categories and levels. I have been able to pin down the blind twin 's activities throughout every relationship, every word, every action, among the rich, the poor, the races, tribals, cultures, states and nations. All battle day in and day out, for dominance in men's and women 's hearts. The two are in some cases cohabiting.

Years without question, not only have I been able to referee matches between the blind twins, I have also been able to participate in fights between the two. Both the highly placed in society and the lowly placed have remained twin victims In the hands of their masters, because of the popular roles performed by one or both of the twins, many servants have suffered horrific persecutions. Think of husbands and wives who began their married life with blind love and were forced to end their married life with blind hate.

Even in ordinary premarital friendship, there are cases of people who started with "sweet heart" and ended up with "bitter leaf" that culminated in the former "sweet heart" murder. There are dozens of mothers-in-law who live with the daughters-in-law at loggerheads simply because the former in fiery jealousy deem the latter to have robbed them of the "heart" of their children. Yet some were losing sight of the fact That the mother's love for the son is different from the love the wife has for the same son. The stark fact is that as a wife the son will never love the woman, and vice versa. Envy can make one wish to have what it can never have.

Love and hate in definition and actualisation are subjective. Sujet by subject, different people understand love and hate differently. The twins are being practised differently in actual life. Precisely what makes the twins' blindness more and more gruesome and deplorable is the difference between subjectivity and objectivity in concept and in actuality.

The blind twins ravaged both religion and politics. They aren't people love. The blind twins are always awake, coloring and influencing decisions, despite the royalties of Kings and Queens, presidents and ministers, as well as heads of churches and religions.

In war, real and enduring peace is never achieved. When the sounds of weapons stop in the field of war, speeches on peace and reconciliation hold sway. This time in Chapter Nine, I had to treat reconciliation, in an emotional and realistic way. Pardon is the reversibility of the irreversible, and the predictability of the unpredictable. Of this cause, pardon is the indispensable instrument And the vehicle to the enduring peace. How can one impunityfully undo the atrocities committed. Their acts are irreversible! What does one foresee what action the sufferer will take? Just forgiveness with a pledge of change will improve the predictability of the unpredictabe!!


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