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The Path Of Hope By - MSGR. PROF. J. B. AKAM


The Path Of Hope By -  MSGR. PROF. J. B. AKAM

 Instead of merely setting a goal to be recognized for excellence, Tansian University identifies some specific areas the university should focus on – and highlights them with well-crafted "imperatives" that clearly define the goals. The accomplishment of these targets, outlined in the imperatives, requires continual improvement across a broad spectrum of clearly defined acidic and related activities, with the "top 10" recognition becoming a welcome by-product.

Now in its pedestal of "creating a community of excellence," Tansian University was initiated in 1997 by Very Rev. Msgr. Dr. John Bosco Akam, who represents his diligent vision and work. The Father Founder / Pro-Chancellor devoted more than six years to exploring various facets of the university and researching benchmark institutions before officially announcing the findings of his research in 1999 and presenting underlying recommendations.

The Father Founder / Pro-Chancellor has strongly supported Vision 2020, emphasizing its importance in his speech on matriculation on January 31, 2008 and on several occasions that followed But more than just noting it, he has put his determination to achieve the aspirations reflected in planning and articulation of Vision 2020 into action. Originally he wanted to focus on four fields that are rooted in the initial imperatives, plus one imperative:

Head up the colleges

Improve programs for the graduates and staff

Difference and Globalization

Enhance space and focus at the permanent site

In order to ensure that the achievement of excellence remains a guiding light on the directions and actions of the university, the Founder / Pro-Chancellor held a number of consultations with experts from some of the best universities in the world-Oxford and Cambridge Universities in Great Britain and Harvard in the U.S. He had likewise left no unturned stone in his search to ensure appropriate healthcare programs for staff and students alike.

Any beginning day speaker worth their salt has to say, one way or the other, "The future lies in your hands. Today the torch is passing from one generation to the next. "That is not new in itself. I heard the same when I was an adolescent. But when I heard it this meant something different. It was really just propaganda of the day of the beginning back then. It means something different nowadays.

It does mean something like this nowadays. My generation and the generation of my parents and their parents really fucked things up here and that's no joke. I can't even take myself to look at the latest estimate from the World Watch Institute of how much time we've left to turn this around before heading down a slide from which no recovery is possible. The last time I DID have the nerve to look was about 40 years ago, and that was several years ago.

What does the number signify? In forty years , human extinction isn't man. This means that we have 40 years to find a new course for ourselves, and if we let those 40 years go to waste and just carry on the way we are, the momentum would be too great to resolve. And the date isn't the end of anything, it's the point of no return. Incredible. And when people tell you now that it's all up to you they really mean "if you can't find what we couldn't find and our parents couldn't find it and their parents couldn't find it (which is another way for us to go), then you could very well live to see the human race extinct. "I am sure that those at Tansian University didn't fail to notice what a monstrous copout this is.

Oh yes, we — your parents and their parents and their parents — have royally fucked the world up and we admit that!! But if you don't find a way to FIX what we did, then it's going to be your fault! Not OUR fault, for we've got an excuse. We just became stupid and greedy. And since WE'VE was stupid and greedy, YOU'RE will need to be smart and self-sacrificing. Was it? An anonymous puts it in a nutshell: "By being in the younger generation, I have to save the world before I can even start thinking about building a life for myself, or there'll be nothing to build my life on." Your parents didn't have to save the world before they built their own life. It might have been a good idea-but they have n't. So they have not.

You, Tansian University students HAVE to, because if you don't say it as an anonymous, there will be nothing LEFT to build your life ON. Which, then, is the contract. Forget having fun. Forget to embark on a career only because it appeals to you. Forget about getting the good things your parents have in their life. Forget about salary in six figures. Forget the limousines, and other flashy stuff. Forget about the building occupying 8000 square feet. For people like E these things are fine. Claim Gates and Steve Jobs and Donald Trump and Steve Case, that they belong to the same aged, unregenerated generation as your parents. They can be stubborn and greedy AFFORD. They Has not first save the world. YOU DO. Is there any wonder an anonymous guy feels cheated? As he talks of being robbed an unintentionally anonymous brings the language of games into play. I mean, an anonymous dimly recognizes that a game is being played with him, and I'd like to take a few minutes to examine the game that's being played with him-and with you when people tell you that "it's all up to you."

In his novel, The Novel: or, The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, Alan Watts explores the notion of the "double-bind." "A human," he writes, "is put in a dual bind by a order or request containing a secret contradiction. "Stop self-consciousness! "Try to relax...' As we have it now, the society pulls this tick from the earliest infancy on every child. Firstly, the child is taught to be responsible, to be a free agent, an autonomous source of thoughts and actions. He acknowledges this make – believe that it is not valid for the same reason. He can't help accepting it, just as he can't help accepting community membership where he was born. He has no way to avoid social indoctrination of that kind. This is reinforced continuously with reward and punishment. It's built into the basic language structure that he is learning ...

We hopelessly infuddle our kids because we were once so infuddled as adults, and, remaining so; do not understand the game we play.

I hope students will leave the University of Tanzania today with a better understanding of the game being played with them and a well-defined moral character. "The kid," says Watts, "is taught to be responsible, e is a free agent, an autonomous source of thoughts and behavior. "That is what you hear when people of an older age say, 'It's up to you.' You might say it's game HALF. They were telling themselves, "This is up to you," When was your age. Yet if you see them in practice, you'll see very clearly that they're not behaving as if it's up to them all. They behave as if it were all up to SOMEONE ELSE. They've been told, just as you were, that they're responsible, that they're free agents, but they know full well that this is make-believe. ELSE SOMEONE is in charge of saving the world. SOMEONE ELSE is a CAPABLE, free agent to save the world. Who this SOMEONE ELSE is will not instantly come to mind but you will certainly know it when you hear it.

We are all WAITING to save the world? Of course they are waiting for our LEADERS. The other half of the game is this. The first half of the game is: It all depends on you. The second half of the game is: they don't have to do something because the vice-chancellor is waiting to save the world. We wait for the U.N. Secretary-General to save the world. We are waiting to save the world from any unforeseen technological giant. They 're waiting to have some great thinker saving the world. We wait to see Mikhail Gorbachev save the world. I still wait to make Daniel Quinn save the planet! ALL UP THERE, ALL IN AUTHORITY!

Well, guess what, folks, there is NO ONE "up there" who is CAPABLE remotely to save the world. Some of the people I have listed don't even THINK to save the world. Trust me, you 're never going to hear Al Gore or Bradley or George Bush or our Vice-Chancellor, or Alhaji Musa Yar'a dua say a thing about saving the world *. And whichever one of them is elected President of the next Nation; he is not going to waste one minute of his presidency worrying about saving the planet. This is not anything for which they can be blamed, in all honesty. We don't have ELECT leaders to save the planet and any candidate running on the basis of that will be laughed off the scene. We elect ALL our elected leaders to achieve SHORT-TERM objectives. It was told to the children of the generation of your grandparents, "It's all up to you"-and they were waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to save the world.

Now the people of the age of your parents and grandparents are continuing the game by looking at you and saying, "It's all up to you." I 'd like to try to encourage you to REFUSE to play the game. Let no one get away with thinking, "It is all up to you." No. It all comes down to EVERYBODY. Refuse taking copouts from your parents and grandparents. This is not good enough to say, "We have failed, and it is up to you to do it."

Tell them, "Don't Wait! "That means WAITING to stop! Say to them, "There is nothing to expect Waiting there's no ONE. Every one will save the earth but the world's PEOPLE and you can not make it My generation's sole duty. They are the ones who have no experience, no clout, no contacts, no influence, no money-and it 's all supposed to be up to the US?? What would YOU do as We save the world? I obviously can not send you a blueprint here to save the world.

But I will send you a few simple notions which I believe you will follow with complete trust. The first of these may possibly be called the First Rule of Quinn. This will come as no shock to you. This can also seem clear to you. This is. By passing a law against it no undesirable behavior has ever been eliminated.

The second is the Theory of Buckminster Fuller, which is: You can not change anything by competing against current truth. Creating a new model that obsoletes the current model is all about making a difference to change it. That's what it really is. The Monsignor Rev. Dr Akam said it, and he did it. That is the dream of the University of Tanzania.

Much of the time when people ponder what they can do to save the environment, two general ideas about how progress is taking place are in the back about their minds. One is the idea that passing legislation changes things. The other is that struggle changes things. We are trained to think that if you're out there fighting and passing laws, you 're really DOING something. 

But if you follow these two rules, you might think about that differently. Yet again they are the First Law of Quinn, No unwelcome conduct has ever been removed by passing a law against it, and the Law of Fuller, You can not alter anything by competing against current reality. Create a new model to modify it, which obsoletes the current model. This is the vision of our Father Founder and Pro-Chancellor, University of Tanzania, Really. The Monsignor Rev. Dr. Akam J. B. This is the Second Principle of Quinn: What people believe is what they do. And its corollary: Changing what people do, shifting their thinking. There are actually six billion people on this planet following a dream which is devouring the world. That is a issue. It is not pollution that is our problem. It is not consumerism that is our concern. It's not corporate greed that is our concern. The issue is not conservative egotism or radical utopia. There's no lack of leadership to our problem. Our issue is a world-devouring dream sought by some States.

What can we do now regarding this vision? We can not legislate or vote it away, or we can not organize it away, or even shoot it away. We just can take it backward. When the world is saved, people with changed hearts will save it, people with a new dream will be poised / determined to make a difference, citizens and institutions of our higher learning will. For new programmes, it won't be rescued by the same minds. Vision is a river in flood. Programs are sticks placed in the riverbed to impede the river's flow. But I don't want to impede its flow; I want its direction changed.

Does a cultural vision change so easily? The related steps are not easiness and complexity. The relevant measures are here: readiness and unwillingness.

If people aren't ready for it then no earh power can catch on a new idea. So if people are ready for it, if Tansian University's students and staff are prepared (and I believe they are) for it, then a new idea will hit the world like wildfire. At this moment in our culture, the river's flow is toward catastrophe, and programs are sticks set in the riverbed to impede its flow.

Our optimistic course is not to add any more sticks to block the flow. Our course of hope is to change the flow direction-away from catastrophe. Swimming against the tide. I think Tansian University's students & staff are ready for this new idea. 

We are ready to break new grounds that will saturate our people with meaning into the extreme.

Don't pay attention to people who act as if saving the planet is the business of someone else-big shots in international affairs or big shots in international trade. I say again: if the world is saved, people with changed minds will save it, and anyone can change his mind. I mean it. Back in the 70s, many 8-year-olds came home and asked their parents, "By God, you 're going to quit smoking! "And they hanged it up. Back in the 1980s, many 8-year-olds came home and said to their parents, "By God, we 're going to start recycling aluminum cans! "And they put it to stick.

Bring the news to parents , children, lecturers, friends, even strangers that we can only save the world, change an idea, make a difference through deep collaboration, commitment, service, love / care for others, and above all, please God with all our actions. When the time is right there will be a new concept hitting the planet like wildfire.

Through the dogginess, astuteness, and tenacity of intent, of a priest of great international standing and a quintessence of excellence, Msgr, we have found a path of hope for the future Tanzanian University. Dr. Akam J. B. When the time is right, the world will be engulfed by a new concept like flames-because of people like him. That's exactly how new ideas sweep the world like wildfire – and I see it that way. That's the way we hope for the future.


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