Thursday, September 3, 2020


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Therefore, in a forum like this, we take advantage of the presence of government representatives, esteemed visitors, private sector leaders, our team friends from all over the world, and special educational lovers to renew our appeals (like Oliver Twist) for help, to encourage us to continue the praiseworthy tasks we have begun, to empower our young people by providing adequate global infringement

Since our cause is so noble – complementing government universities / tertiary institutions to expand opportunities for our young people 's increasingly intimidating population seeking admission to tertiary education To request your help in different capacities, allow us to complete the journey to our clearly specified destination. You will "be ashamed to die before you have achieved victory for mankind," as Horace Mann put it. After conceiving this dream and forming a team to make it come true, we have not rested on our oars before this arrival at a point of no return; of ever moving forward and backward never. Manoj Arora imagined this right, saying, "It's hard to get out of your comfort zone in the beginning, crazy in the middle, and amazing in the end ... because it shows you a whole new world in the end. Make a try.

Therefore we are in the chaotic middle of the lane, and the best choice is never to go back but to go forward and finish the journey.

It is my strong belief that by our journey so far, as our people used to say, we have "crossed the seven hills and seven deserts," and we are certainly already moving towards the Canaanite land of our dreams of finally providing the university of Tanzania with all the necessities it needs to be at the forefront of teaching and learning, knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination, human capital develing,In line with my particular dream of "a dynamic higher learning institution equipped with a factor of importance to the needs of its population, both locally and internationally."

There are some serious signs of support from banks, individuals and various groups at the moment, as we make a serious appearance on our permanent site-indicating interest in investing in our affairs; helping us to provide infrastructure – which never happened while we stayed on the take-off site – because no one has taken us seriously all along.

These banks, individuals and groups, however, still require and look to our government for local support, especially the government of the Anambra State, on whose soil the university is located. What gives us a great joy is that the interest of the State Government in us is growing very steadily at this very moment, having seen our persistent efforts.

Just recently came to our rescue the immediate Past Executive Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, with a Hundred Million Naira (N100, 000, 000) and two ( 2) Cars. And "okuko kpara n'aka nri, kpaa n'aka ekpe, wee si na nke di n'iru ka," as an Igbo adage goes. Thus the present Government of His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, whose presence here today we are fortunate to enjoy, expects even more of similar support and assistance.

Therefore, with government now very much around us, we look forward to growing numbers of financial institutions, organisations and individuals contacting us for various forms of funding, assistance and collaboration. In Igbo, our people are used to saying: "Nwata kwochaa aka ya, osoro ndi okenye rie nri." University of Tanzania has come of age to dine with the elders. We've accomplished this by dint of hard work; by proposing an idea and pursuing it by trying our hands on any opportunity available, since, "you can't plow a field by turning it over in your head," as Gordon B. Hinkley says.

As always we look back on our history with pride, they are aware of our present and are optimistic in our future.

Thank you so much for having given me the publicity.


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