Thursday, September 3, 2020


2019, année de la lecture - Commune de Bure

Once again, this is another moment of deep joy and delight for me to witness our Founder's Day Celebration as I stand before this cream of the society gathered here today, as Tansian University marks its 7th birthday.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the University's Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students, I cordially thank all of you on this occasion. We are particularly honored by the presence among us of Anambra State's Executive Governor, His Excellency, Chief Dr Willie Obiano and his entourage.

I also recognize our other special guests, particularly today's respected University Awardees:

We are equally pleased to have with us, the University's alumni, our highly esteemed stakeholders, delegates from the Federal and State Governments, our special and highly reliable friends from around the globe and members of the Media (the society's watchdogs) from both inside and outside Nigeria.

May all glory and thanks be to Almighty God, to this place for the mercies of the journey He has graciously bestowed on all of you. As we begin, I would like to introduce to you, the Chief Host of this event, our new Vice Chancellor, Professor Chima Boniface Iwuchukwu – a renowned Education Professor (B. Phil, P.u.a Rome; M.Ed, Phil, UNN; Mnae; Mpean; KSJI; and JP – Justice of Peace), who was with Imo State University until recently joining us.

Vice Chancellor Sir, may you stand for a brief recognition please. May I also invite all the Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments and Directors of different Spheres to stand with the V.C. please?

Our esteemed guests, this is Tansian University's Senior Professor, cum management team; a highly dedicated team which I was very proud of. No, I haven't seen any better or more dedicated team anywhere, given the enviable height that the young university has achieved in this short time! Please join me in applauding them for their magnificent contributions to the University!


The Founder's Day Celebration is an annual event in an institution, but it is the most special and cherished ritual in universities that the university community and everyone are looking forward to celebrating.All her Diaspora friends, and well-wishers. It is an occasion in which the Founding Father's struggles are remembered and cherished; the celebration reminds us of the Founding Father's vision, foresight and courage – the occasion offers ample opportunity to reflect on the extent to which the original vision has been preserved or actualized, as well as the opportunity to strategize how this vision can be advanced in our premises

When we speak about the Founding Father's vision / dream, on a day like this, we ask ourselves how content we are, whether this vision or dream has given it, some steam or fire, or what you might just call it Enabling climate "sufficient to generate a steady advancement of the noble objectives for which the University was created. For it is only when the answer to this very important question turns out to be 'YES,' in a forum like this that the Creator can lift his head high, contented and thankful to God, that his dreams are on the path of RIGHT, in line with Carl Jung 's views that "one looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who affected our human feelings. The curriculum is a much-needed raw material, but warmth is the essential element for the developing plant and the child's soul ». As the founding father of this university, I humbly present myself today for this public review – whether from the hardships you have experienced over the past seven years, I have been able to provide the requisite warmth or enabling atmosphere for the staff and students – to prove that we are committed to our noble course of setting up a university to liberate mankind from the chains as well as the whirlpool

But please, I ask for your indulgence not to be in a rush to pass this judgement on the creator, until, at least, I have made some attempts here to tell you stories, remembering how the journey has gone so far, which I would like to start by expressing myself Great thanks to our caring and compassionate Lord, God the Almighty, for all that He has made possible for us here so far, and also by thanking all the men and women, both within and outside the University, who have chosen to use God as instruments to make the University of Tanzania what it is today and to be on the steady road of growth. I thank you all so much because, I completely agree with William Arthur Ward that "feeling appreciation and not sharing it is like wrapping up a gift and not giving it out." And when one puts into perspective the broad variety of benefits that come from living gratefully and luckily (which is my second nature), Incontrovertibly one can agree with Melody Beatie that, "Gratitude transforms the fullness of life. It turns in enough what we have, and more. It transforms rejection into acceptance, order to disorder, clarification to uncertainty. It can make a meal a party, a house a home, a stranger a friend.'

I always remember the one-hour brain-storming we had in South Ascot, South West London that day. There we sealed the founding rock of a tertiary institution to be named after Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi. How much time flies! This experience is still as if it were yesterday-brave moves and measures that we have taken since then to resolve the obstacles that started to lift their heads as we set out to translate the idea into reality. In Andy Warhol 's Words, "They always say that time changes things, but you have to change them for yourself"

Those who are close to us and are living witnesses of our struggles and how we borrowed through and around the mountains on our way to standing Tanzanian University on a sound footing and securing for it a pride of place among other winning Universities in Nigeria and beyond would attest to how this virtue of gratitude has worked more than magic in the psyche of our benefactors. Once again, I give my gratitude to God the omnipotent, and to all our benefactors and friends most honestly and very loudly and clearly; in Jesus Name, Amen.


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